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Innovative solutions for a safer, more productive future.

Who We Are

SPX Aids to Navigation

SPX Aids to Navigation is founded on the combination of over 130 years of industry leading innovation. Today, we draw from the collective strength and heritage of 5 of the world’s leading manufacturers of Aids to Navigation. Our products and customizable systems facilitate the uniquely challenging and highly regulated needs of the Obstruction, Aviation and Marine Aids to Navigation markets.

From our manufacturing facilities in the United States, Finland, Australia, Estonia and the UK, we provide our customers with an extensive range of off-the-shelf products, custom-designed solutions and digital monitoring services. SPX AtoN is ready to respond with the broadest portfolio of mission-critical Aids to Navigation.


Servicing the highly regulated Broadcast, Telecommunications, Utilities, and Wind Energy markets. Our turnkey Obstruction lighting and Monitoring Solutions are FAA and ICAO compliant.


The industry leader in Solar Aviation Lighting now offers a range of wired solutions, both FAA and ICAO compliant for defense, government, civil and humanitarian aviation applications.


Engineered for the harshest environments on earth! Our range of Marine Lighting, Buoys, Port Entry Solutions and Lighthouse Systems enable real-time asset monitoring and control from anywhere on the globe.